Vasile believes that life is a sum of various experiences that carry a large amount of energy which can be transposed into real stories (on canvas) through the power of color and mastery of specific painting techniques. His acrylic works aim to express this concept, inviting the viewer to step into a world of self-discovery and contemplation. Each of his canvases tells a new story, and each story needs to be shared.

”To paint about life is more like telling a story: not using words, but colors.  It is an invitation to meditation, soul-searching and revelation. It is about sharing your experience/vision with others, being generous and grateful for the opportunities you have been given to explore and learn from others,” says the Artist.

He says that while he is an abstract artist, the essence of his works is extracted from reality: “real life, real people, and real emotions. Whether is about joy or sadness, if it is about happiness or dismay, my work is, for sure, an expression of my vision that life is an amazing journey and human beings can make it unforgettable.

“It is all about life experiences, emotions and evolution. It is all about feelings, thoughts and vibes translated into a language that uses colors to express an idea, to convey a message to humankind.”

Romanian-born painter Vasile Ghiuta is a self-taught painter now living in Toronto.>>

                                                                                                                                     TAG Art Gallery, St. Catharines, ON, Canada

 translating emotions through PAINTINGS that speak more than words ever could.
vivid imagery of emotions through the art of PAINTING